Product Design and Development                 Feasibility Studies

Research and Development                        Breadboard / Prototype Construction

Printed Circuit Layout                                 General Consultation

Analog Circuits / Systems

Medical Instruments                            Power Supplies / Battery Chargers

Data Acquisition                                  Telecommunication

Lighting Equipment / Ballasts                  Laser Electronics

RF/Wireless Systems                            Audio and Video Systems

Automotive Systems                            Magnetic Design

Emergency Vehicle Systems                  Motor Control

Transducer / Sensor Interface               Filters / Loads

Digital Circuits / Systems

Microprocessor / Microcontroller             Firmware / Software

Programmable Logic                              Discrete Logic

Digital Audio                                        Data Communications

Personal Computer Products

Printed Circuit Layout

Single Sided / Double Sided / Multilayer

Thru Hole / Surface Mount / Mixed

Impedance Control

High Frequency

High Current

High Voltage

High Density

Updated = 06/20/2011

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